Les Zéoles is an accordion duo formed by Amélie Denarié at the diatonic and Anne Guinot at the chromatic.

The two musicians meet in Montpellier in 2002 and found Guilis ô Vent, a neo-folk music quintet, the repertoire of which they will compose together.

The ensemble will perform in balls until 2005 in southern France.

The will to play together and to go a step further in their musical collaboration brings them to come back on stage in 2008 as a duo. Then, bittersweet compositions, impish melodies spring under their fingers, with arrangements inspired by French and European folk as well as classical music. From then on they take their bellows around on the French and European folk scene for concerts or balls.

In August 2009 they bring out their first album Des Papillons dans le Ventre, fruit of long years of joint work. In their second opus, Sur Mesure, released in December 2011, they explore accompaniments with small instruments like the “senza” or the Glockenspiel. A scores collection gathering almost all of their compositions is released in 2013. Their 3rd disc, Urban Rhapsodie, is released in summer 2015, after four years of gestation and musical peregrinations.

Les Zéoles will tickle your ears for the time of a concert or a ball, always seeking the right note, that one that makes you feel butterflies in your belly and that you keep warm inside once you found it.

A duo with meticulous and minuscule melodies


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