Laüsa [la-ü-zo] is a musical journey between inherited and imagined tradition, a living testimony remember that the towns have been found in a land of welcome and that the music has been gone mixing. The instruments are traditional; the sound, current: Laüsa drinks influences in Folk, Pop, the Rock sometimes flirt with Mediterranean or African colors, but it is always faithful to the gas cadence cadence.

A current dance group that affirms its gascock anchorage, its membership in the open world, curious, generous and respectful of the origins.

Lolita Delmonteil Ayral: Accordion / song
Camille Raibaud: Violin / Mandolin / Cant
Julien Estèves: Bouzouki / Tenor Guitar / Cant
Juliette Minvielle: Cant / Percussions
Nicolas Panek: Live sound
Julien Marques: Live sound

Ticket price PACK NIT Saturday € 25