The package includes all festival activities as well as Sunday lunch.

The price of the overall package is 80€.

Special packages:

  • 65+ y.o: 45€
  • ACuR members: 25€
  • Inhabitants of Puig-Reig  30€
  • 13-17 y.o: 30€
  • 7-12 y.o: 10€
  • Below 6 y.o: free


There are three spaces to sleep: a camping zone (free), a hall to sleep on the floor (free) and hostel (FULL APPRAISAL). The hostel has a price of € 25 / person for two nights and is paid at the same festival, in the box office area.

Prices for activities (without package):

  • Dance workshop: 10€/pers: (Depleted places)
  • Sing workshop: 10€/pers
  • Instrument workshop: 12€/pers: (Depleted places)
  • Davide Salvado concert: 12€/pers
  • Dance with Es gall de sa Pastera: 10€/pers
  • Candle dance Aurelién Calaranbaux: 10€/pers
  • Vermut concert with Guillem Roma: 15€/pers
  • Dance with Accordzéam: 10€/pers
  • Friday night pack: 25€/pers
  • Saturday night pack: 25€/pers