Bal Trad médine Poitou”

Ciac Boum proposes a Bal de Pays (Dance from the Land) with a repertoire that stems essentially from Poitou (center-west of France) and also contains own compositions.

Christian Pacher has grown up with these melodies and dances that he loves for their variety and energy. Julien Padovani and Robert Thébaut come from improvised music, among others.

With their trio they propose rondes, avant-deux, pas d’été, valses, maraîchines and other bals limousines… as if their life was depending on it! Always with a complete respect of the spirit of the dance. Sometimes a cool breeze of freedom lingers over the dance floor: the old melodies are giving off their fragrance of eternal youth.

Since its creation in Vialfre 2009, Ciac Boum has a solid fame among dancers in France and all over Europe, its singular music exudes happiness, energy and fun. Attention, you dancers, hold on! We know how it starts but never how it ends…

Ticket price PACK NIT Friday € 25