Ballaveu explores the practice of songs to dance, preserving the cadence and sticking to the air of each dance.

Their voices play, connect, pursue each other, converse and interpret the Catalan traditional folk repertoire of song, from North to South and from East to West: balls plans from Pallars (Pyrenees), jotes from the Ebro region, havaneres from Empordà (north of Catalonia), ballets and sardanes from inland Catalonia, without forgetting couple dances that have been filling up squares and dancefloors everywhere across the country. An interesting proposal with the voice as only melodic instrument, a challenge that enables Patri and Xavier to show their experience and knowledge. Two voices without tricks, which fit together in harmony and will make you dance with emotion.

Patri Garcia: voice and traditional percussions

Xavier Rota: voice, guitar and traditional percussions


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