Ballaveu explores the practice of the songs for dancing, preserving cadence and maintaining the air of every dance.
Their voices are played, linked, chased, dialogued and interpreted by the traditional and popular Catalan songwriter, from north to south and from east to west: flat dances from Pallars, jotes de l’Ebre, havaneres de l’Empordà and ballets and sardanas of the inner Catalonia, without forgetting the dances of couple that have filled squares and layouts all over the country. An interesting proposal with the voice as the only melodic instrument, a challenge in which the Father and Xavier reveal their background and knowledge.

With the first album under his arm (“Flores y violas”, 2016), they have been performing most of the traditional dance and song festivals of our house (Festival Tradicionàrius, Dances in the Plaça del Rei in Barcelona, ​​Ballads in Plaça de Tarragona, Ballades in Plaça de Lleida, QRambla de Girona, Berguedà Folk, Garrotxinàrius, Song Festival, etc …) and from abroad (“Grand Bal de l’Europe” to Gennetines -France-, “Gran Bal Trad” de Vialfrè – Italy-, “Trad’Hivernales” in Somèire -Occitània-, “TradFest” in Edinburgh-Scotland -, …).
In 2018, Kepa Junkera’s “FOK” project was part, with dance and voices.
Two voices without artifice, impassioned and harmonious, that will make you dance with emotion.


Patri Garcia: traditional voice and percussion
Xavier Rota: voice, guitar and traditional percussion